Thursday, March 30, 2017

3:00pm - 5:00pm

1) Ethics Bowl and Malpractice Issues
Speakers:  Michael Kennedy, Esq., Christopher Ekman, Esq.

And don't miss the cocktail reception at 5pm!

Friday, March 31, 2017

8:45am - 10:15am 

2a) Bankruptcy Basics
This CLE will give practitioners a practical guide to representing clients in bankruptcy cases.  The US Bankruptcy Judge, a standing Chapter 7 Trustee and practitioners will give a balanced and informative session consisting of an overview of what you need to start a bankruptcy practice or advise clients generally about the structure, pitfalls and nuances of bankruptcy law.

Speakers: Judge Colleen A. Brown, Heather Cooper, Esq., Raymond Obuchowski, Esq. 

2b) Evidence Disputes in Practice

This is no simple recitation of the Rules of Evidence!  Judges Durkin, Teachout and Crawford will be hit with some odd evidence scenarios and the panel will hash out the options and issues regarding the admissability of each item.  John Evers will emcee this lively and hopefully interactive discussion.  
Speakers: John Evers, Judge Thomas Durkin, Judge Mary Miles Teachout, Judge Thomas Zonay

2c) Women's Division: Financial Wellness for You and Your Clients
Attendees will be treated to a presentation by the reknowned Christine Moriarty with MoneyPeace regarding Financial Wellness.  She will present some money management strategies for your practice, your clients and your life.
Speakers: Christine Moriarty

2d) Social Media Basics for Your Practice and Your Clients
Josh Jarvis will be visiting us from Boston, where he has an active large firm intellectual property practice.  Attorney Jarvis will be sharing all you need to know about the basics of social media, uses and perils, for you and your practice. Mike Kennedy will chime in on the interplay of social media and ethics.
 Josh Jarvis, Esq., Thomas S. Valente, Esq.Michael Kennedy, Esq.

10:45am - 12:15pm 

3a) Real Estate: Life Safety Codes and Real Estate Transactions*
Learn about the important changes and relevant sections of the Life Safety Codes and their impact on real estate transactions.

Speakers: James Knapp, Esq.; Benjamin Deppman, Esq., Bruce Martin (VT Fire Marshall)
*Approved & Certified to Satisfy Rule 12(a)(1) and Rule 15(c )

3b) Representing Non-Profits and Records Requests
This thorough program will provide an overview of the essential elements of representing non-profit entities, A to Z.  There will also be a segment on record requests made to governmental agencies. 

Speakers: Melanie Keene, Esq., Anthony Iarrapino, Esq., James H. Porter, III, Esq. 

3c) ADR Section: Apology, Forgiveness and representation and settlements in insurance cases
Explore the human side of representation when dealing with car accident victims or other insurance cases.  Learn about apology, the Harvard Method and more.

Speakers: Emily Gould, Esq.; James Spink, Esq; Erika Smart, Esq.

3d) Succession Planning Roadmap for Successful Law Firm Transitions and Exits: Safeguarding Your Future

Learn how to safeguard your and your law firm’s future. This session will provide guidance to help attorneys and law firms: to assess successors, to transition the firm and clients, and to successfully navigate and execute various exit strategies.

Speaker: Julius Ciembroniewicz, Esq.

Don't miss our luncheon and business meeting with Justice Dooley's award, elections and more!

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Probate Litigation*
Although many estate planning arrangements are implemented without controversy, those who are dissatisfied with an estate plan or the administration of a trust, may resort to court proceedings.   This program will cover the essential concepts of probate litigation, including will and trust disputes, contests, and fiduciary litigation.   We will discuss procedural aspects of litigating these types of cases, as well as the substantive issues.  In addition, we will discuss potential ways to avoid litigation.
Speakers: Kevin Henry, Esq., Hon. Susan Fowler, Esq.
*Approved & Certified to Satisfy Rule 12(a)(1) and Rule 15(c )

4b) Real Estate: Title Search 101*
Learn the ropes in the unique and challenging world of title searches in Vermont.
Speaker: James Knapp, Esq., Benjamin Deppman, Esq., Hal Miller, Esq.

*Approved & Certified to Satisfy Rule 12(a)(1) and Rule 15(c )

4c) Human Trafficking
This session will present an overview of the human trafficking epidemic both nationally and in Vermont, and will include a discussion of the ways in which civil and criminal litigation can be used to impose consequences on anyone who engages in this horrific behavior.
Speakers:  Robert Hemley, Esq., Abigail Averbach, Esq., John Treadwell, Esq.

4d) Divorce Taxation and Financial Issues
Back by popular demand, Lori Lustberg will get down to the nitty gritty regarding financial issues arising in divorce and the complex intersection of taxes and divorce. Sh
e will cover creative solutions to common issues, pitfalls to avoid in the marital settlement agreement, the many (and little known) financial ramifications of the dependency exemption, college financial planning considerations, and much more!
Speakers: Lori Lustberg, Esq.

3:45pm - 4:45pm

5a) Representing Veterans in Disability Cases

Former Poverty Law Fellow Katelyn Atwood will give an overview of all you need to know to represent veterans specifically with respect to disability issues and disability cases.   
Speaker: Katelyn Atwood, Esq. 

5b) Diversity Section: Implicit Bias in the Judicial System
Implicit bias affects everyone and exists everywhere.  Explore issues regarding biases in the judicial system and hear first-hand stories of these experiences in Vermont. 

Speakers:  Judge Nancy Waples, Jessica Brown, Esq., Jay Diaz, Esq., Karen Richards, Esq., TJ Donovan, Esq.

5c) The Future of Debt Collection Cases: Where We are and Where We’re Heading*

Come and learn about changes in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules, Vermont's rules of evidence and legislative proposals regarding debt collection and unique issues in cases brought by debt buyers
Speakers: Ilerdon Mayer, Esq., Harry C. Parker, Esq.,  Grace Pazdan, Esq., Daniel Richardson, Esq., Judge Helen Toor, 

*Approved & Certified to Satisfy Rule 12(a)(1) and Rule 15(c )

5d) Collaborative Divorce Practice
he ever-expanding practice area of collaborative law is used often in the divorce context. We invite you to this short introduction to collaborative law as it is actually being practiced in Vermont. The program will present the basic elements of a collaborative divorce and best practices for using the interdisciplinary team. We will discuss the most common psychological road blocks to effective resolution and how to work through them to produce positive, lasting resolutions for clients. We will briefly address the expansion of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act and dispel any lingering myths about the practice with real world cases and experiences of the members of effective collaborative teams
Speakers: Nanci Smith, Esq., Corey FItzpatrick Wood, Esq., Richard A. Witte, Ph.D., Marcia Milton, LCMHC